How To Move Past Relationships You Thought Were Deeper

One of the most painful experiences is finding out someone doesn’t love you as much as you believed. Relationships can be complicated and disappointing when you realize that your parent, spouse, sibling, boyfriend, girlfriend, or even a close friend doesn’t treat you in a way that is loving or kind. It’s hard to know how you’ll react when you realize this, but if you experience negative symptoms such as sadness, anxiety, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping or loss of concentration, it’s time to call and make an appointment.

How Do You Feel When You Realize Someone Doesn’t Love You?

Realizing that a relationship is less than it should be is often a very painful experience. Many people struggle to accept and overcome the disappointment of knowing that someone they love doesn’t truly love them back. What’s important to realize is the distinction between a mistake and a pattern of hurtful behaviors. When someone truly loves you and they hurt you, they will provide a heartfelt apology and change their behavior going forward. But if they don’t change and continue the disappointing behaviors, then you might start to realize their love isn’t love at all.

Coping With Painful Truths

Everyone copes with painful situations differently. It is important that you do not fail to see the truth about this relationship because the use of “blinders” in your life often leads to dysfunctional patterns. When people use defense mechanisms such as denial, they tend to repeat the same pattern with other relationships. For example, denying that a parent is caring toward you when he or she is not might lead to choosing friends or a spouse who is similar to your parent, providing you with a sense of familiarity but also another unhealthy relationship.

Face The Truth And Move Toward Healing

Facing the truth can be extremely difficult but with courage and professional help, you will start a new path of positive coping methods and healthy relationships. As you gain insight into old patterns and develop new and powerful coping skills, you will have the tools you need to heal. Setting appropriate boundaries has the potential to create more authentic and loving relationships. As a clinical psychologist, I can help you navigate this challenging but rewarding path that ultimately leads to a more fulfilling life.

Never hesitate to contact me to learn how I can help you move toward healing in your difficult relationships.

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