Overcome Your Triggers With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A word that has become more commonly used recently is “triggered.” It refers to an emotional reaction people experience when they hear or see something they don’t necessarily like. These triggers could be reminders of something negative someone experienced recently or even during their childhood. Some of the symptoms of being triggered include anxiety, anger, sadness, and others. Triggers can be internal or external, but the important thing is to acknowledge and face them and work toward eliminating them. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help, and here are some other things to keep in mind.

Don’t Avoid Your Triggers

Avoiding the things that trigger your emotions is akin to carrying a good luck charm around. You might think that avoiding your triggers is keeping you safe. While many people believe it’s beneficial to your mental health to avoid those situations, the reality is you’re telling yourself you can’t cope and that the trigger is dangerous, which is not accurate and can ultimately increase your symptoms. Instead, learn how to face and cope with the triggers and they will lose their power to have that emotional impact on you. CBT whether in-person or online teletherapy can help you do this and take back your life.

Don’t Be Bullied By Your Emotions

Your emotions can bully you into doing things you normally wouldn’t do. It is important to understand your emotions rather than becoming a passive victim of an emotional state. You can use them in a positive way to help you navigate life instead of undermining you and your potential. Once you learn simple but effective CBT tools, you will be more in control and more confident with your ability to cope with difficult life stressors and events. If you feel like you avoid your emotions or try to escape them, then consider in-person or online teletherapy to help you understand how to identify when you’re getting bullied by emotions and how to cope.

Cope More Effectively With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Two simple but powerful cognitive behavioral therapy techniques are cognitive restructuring and exposure therapy, both of which can help you cope with your triggers and emotions much more effectively than simply avoiding them. When we avoid these emotions, they will get worse over time and get to the point where coping and healing are much more difficult. Avoiding triggers and emotions tells your brain that you have something to be fearful about and that you can’t cope with it, which simply is not true. With cognitive behavioral therapy, you can effectively reduce symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, phobias, and more to help you face your fears and overcome them.

As a clinical psychologist, I am here to help people battle any negative emotions or triggers they experience. You don’t have to be bullied by these emotions and by meeting them head-on, you’ll be well on your way to increasing your confidence and being able to cope with any challenges life throws your way. I’m ready to talk with you, so contact me today and I will help you move toward living a more fulfilling life free of fear.

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