Stop Being Bullied By Your Emotions

Whether you get anxious in traffic or struggle to feel positive emotions when you wake up each day, it can often feel like your emotions are always in control. You may feel powerless and surrender, succumbing to your mental health struggles once again. When you’re working with me, a cognitive behavior therapist, you’ll learn you still have the ability to take your power back and remain independent of your feelings. There are ways to stop being bullied by your feelings and become empowered by how you choose to cope with distressing emotions.

Use Your Emotions to Your Advantage

Instead of looking at your feelings as your enemy, you can view them as your helpmate to ensure you have the ability to navigate through different situations and challenges. With in-person or online teletherapy, you’ll learn emotions are designed to provide you with information. As a cognitive behavior therapist, I can guide you in the right direction. This can allow you to take a step back and determine where you need to give your attention. They can show you where problems are present and what issues need to be addressed. You can develop a habit of using your feelings to navigate different situations and seasons of your life without feeling like you need to become stoic.

Feelings are Time-Sensitive

It’s important to keep in mind that our emotions always change, especially in different situations and stages of life. Avoid the temptation of putting yourself in a box and allowing your identity to be defined by your diagnosis, emotions or situation.

You have the power to overcome distressing or negative feelings and emotions. Working with a specialist like a cognitive behavior therapist can allow you to heal and move on from significant events in your life, which can alleviate the negative and distressing feelings you’ve experienced prior to seeking help with a professional. These tools are meant to help you move forward to face challenges in the future. There are many methods available to ensure you learn better ways of approaching your feelings and embracing them. Both in-person and online teletherapy with me can yield long-term results and allow you to obtain valuable information.

Become the Boss of Your Fear

Your fear of your feelings can cause you to feel powerless and can make you the victim. Misguided coping patterns you’ve used for a lifetime can cause you to lose your strength and ability to overcome how you feel. Your emotions no longer have to become a tyrant once you discover healthier ways of processing your emotions with cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety, anger, or any distressing emotion.

Contact me today to obtain more information and have access to the tools you need to overcome your emotions and fears.

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